Electrical Engineering Laboratories

Overall, at UIT University, we provide one of the best learning environments with state-of-the-art laboratories, classrooms, faculty, and staff. Besides regular academic coursework, we focus on developing the student’s soft skills comprising a strong emphasis on ethics, communication, critical thinking, and leadership, enabling our graduates to become contributing and sustainable members of society.

Electronics Laboratory-I (EL- I)

In this laboratory, our students undergo practical work related to the fundamental Electrical Network Analysis and Digital Logic Design courses.

Laboratory In-Charge: Aftab Shaikh

Electronics Laboratory-II (EL- II)

This laboratory provides a practical work experience to the students of Industrial Electronics, Linear Control Systems, and VLSI Design.

Laboratory In-Charge: M Saleem Siddiqui

Electrical Machines and Drives (EM&D) Laboratory

This laboratory caters to the practical requirements of Electrical Machines, Power Electronics, and Integrated Electronics courses.

Laboratory In-Charge: Kashan Ahmed

Communication Systems (Comm Sys) Laboratory

In this laboratory, students use Telecommunications-related equipment as part of their practical work for courses such as Communication Systems, Antennas, Wave Propagation, Digital Signal Processing, etc.

Laboratory In-Charge: M Farhan Akhtar

Electrical Engineering (EE) Laboratory

The students conduct practical work on Linear Circuit Analysis, Electronic Devices and Circuits, and Instrumentation and Measurement in the Electrical Engineering Laboratory.

Laboratory In-Charge: Rizwan Naseem

Digital Systems (DS) Laboratory

As part of the course Microprocessor-based Systems and Embedded Systems, the Digital Systems Laboratory is devoted to practical work on the courses.

Laboratory In-Charge: Irfan Siddiqui

Power Engineering (PE) Laboratory

Power Engineering Laboratory is the specialized laboratory for the Power Engineering stream courses. Students practice electricity generation, transmission, and distribution in a complete power system in this lab.

Laboratory In-Charge: Irfan Ahmed Khan

Physics Laboratory

Students gain hands-on learning of Applied Physics concepts in this lab.

Laboratory In-Charge: Mirza Shafqat Baig


The workshop serves as a specialized laboratory for 'Workshop Practice.' Our students learn the fundamental technical skills of electrical engineering here.

Laboratory In-Charge: Asad Pervaiz

Engineering Lab Administrator: Syed Shahzad Abbas

Project Labs

  • Biomass Research Lab
  • Electric Vehicle Research Lab
  • Battery Research Lab
  • PV Solar Research Lab
  • 3D Printer Lab
Special Purpose Labs
Microelectronic Research Lab

Microelectronics Research Laboratories (MERL) at UITU aspires to lead microelectronics research and development in Pakistan. Being an engineering enterprise, it provides cutting-edge exposure to its affiliates. The MERL administration inspires its members by setting a powerful example and upholding the highest standards for their own personal and professional growth.

Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) Lab

The Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) at UITU seeks to develop professionals with expertise in information security to safeguard the organization's data against cybercrimes. CERT's primary goal is to handle incidents such as data breaches and denial-of-service attacks, inform users, and offer advice on the incidents.

Computing Labs

Computer Lab 1 (CL-I)
Lab Name Location No. of Systems Printer / UPS Multimedia Projector/ Sound System Switches Detail
Computing Lab-I
First Floor 65+9=74 hp LASERJET 603/ 20 kva Systek ViewSonic 2 Switch (52 Ports) / SG-300-52

Computer Lab 2 (CL-II)
Lab Name Location No. of Systems Printer / UPS Multimedia Projector/ Sound System Switches Detail
Computing Lab-II
Second Floor 51 HP Laserjet 600M603/ Systek 10 KVA SANYO Multimedia /INKEL IPA-65 Sound System 1 Switch (048 Ports) / 1 Switch (24 Ports- Cisco)

Computer Lab 3 (CL-III)
Lab Name Location No. of Systems Printer / UPS Multimedia Projector/ Sound System Switches Detail
Computing Lab-III
Third floor 54 HP Laserjet M606 / 1 (12 KVA) BenQ / TOA PA Sound System 3 Switch (024 Ports) 3 Com (Separate 2 Routers & 2 Switches for Network lab Activity)

Computer Lab 4 (CL-IV)
Lab Name Location No. of Systems Printer / UPS Multimedia Projector/ Sound System Switches Detail
Computing Lab-IV
Second Floor 51 1 (10 KVA)/ HP Laserjet M 606 BenQ EP6110 / INKEL IPA-65 Sound System 1 Switch (48 Ports) CISCO 1 Switch (24 Ports) Shared - TL2

Final Year Project (FYP Lab)
Lab Name Location No. of Systems Printer / UPS Multimedia Projector/ Sound System Switches Detail
Final Year Project Lab
Second Floor 30 Hp LASERJET 603 1(10 KVA)/BenQ 2 Switch (048 Ports)

Digital Lab
Lab Name Location No. of Systems Printer / UPS Multimedia Projector/ Sound System Switches Detail
Digital Lab
Library (Ground & Mezzanine Floor ) 42 Hp LASERJET 603 1(10 KVA) 2 Switch (048 Ports)

Other Labs
  • Network Security Lab
  • Fortinet / Paloalto Lab

  • The UITU Library is the backbone of academic activities for students and faculty. The library houses a rich collection of the latest academic and non-academic books in a comfortable environment that provides students with an opportunity to enhance their knowledge and fulfil curriculum requirements. The LRC functions are managed by professional, well-trained and courteous staff, adding value to the facilities and learning process.

  • The UITU Library offers several facilities and services to cater to students' and faculty's needs. The LRC stocks and renews a wide range of the latest books, a collection of audio/video CDs, and corporate and industry information to ignite the intellectual spirit in young minds. The LRC subscribes to publications from the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) and the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM). Furthermore, the Book Bank at the UITU library provides course books for the entire semester at a nominal cost.

  • The contemporary learning styles have been considered while designing the LRC facilities. While the individual study space offers students a calm area to concentrate on solitary learning, the collaborative learning environment promotes intellectual exchanges and collaborative work. Students have access to the library's multimedia resources through the computer lab. Moreover, the resource centre can hold small-group and one-on-one instructional sessions.


  • The UITU cafeteria provides students with affordable yet hygienic meals and refreshments on working days. Moreover, it is an oasis of relaxation and socialisation amid heavy learning schedules. UITU's supervisory committee oversees Cafeteria Management under the UITU Health and Hygiene Regulations.


  • The UITU’s well-equipped and purpose-built auditorium seats 200 students. This auditorium has been a venue for conferences, seminars, and workshops with renowned scholars and representatives from Industry and PEC for CPD events. It has also been used for student activities like debates, speeches, dramas, quiz competitions, and other events.

Sports and Indoor Games

  • The UITU considers physical and mental fitness essential for UITIANs. Students have hectic and tight schedules, and they get tired. To perform best, it is necessary to have a sound mind in a sound body; for that, games/sports are a component of a student's academic life.

  • UITU's department of extracurricular activities and its members play an essential part in arranging the students' indoor games and outdoor sports.

  • Indoor games increase mental power; games like Chess, Scrabble, Sudoku, and Darts are arranged for inter-semester competitions. Table Tennis, Badminton, and Netball are also available indoors.

  • To emphasize physical strength, the Department of Extracurricular Activities arranges nearby playgrounds for inter-semester cricket matches, football, hockey etc.

  • Sports and games should be part of a student's life. They should give equal importance to both along with their studies. Towards the end of their academic life, they will be high achievers in their professional life.